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Understanding the teething process in children

While babies cry for a wide number of reasons, there are situations in which a diaper change or a meal may not be sufficient. A fussy baby that has already had his or her needs met and is still crying might be dealing with a completely different scenario: teething.

What is teething?

Teething is the process during which an infant or toddler is developing their first set of teeth through the gumline. At birth, a typical individual will have 20 baby teeth that will come through the gum lines over the first few years. This includes

  • Central incisors
  • Lateral incisors
  • Canine teeth
  • First molars
  • Second molars

The process of teething typically starts around the age of six months and finishes around the age of two years. However, every child is different and some start teething early while others may start later on. Regardless of age, children going through the process will often exhibit certain signs including:

  • Decreased appetite
  • Excessive drooling
  • Difficulty falling sleep
  • Changing sleeping patterns
  • Increased irritability

What can I do to help my child during the teething process?

A common question that we receive from parents when their children are teething is, how can I help them feel more comfortable? There are several remedies a dentist may suggest when it comes to calming a child that is experiencing discomfort due to teething. Many babies respond well with a cold compress or teething ring to chew on to sooth the gums. Warm baths and gentle rocking motions can also help in calming a child at night that might be experiencing difficulty falling asleep due to discomfort. In some situations, a dentist or pediatrician may recommend offering over-the-counter pain medications to help as well.

Discover the process of teething with the team at Park View Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics

If you are curious about your infant or toddler’s oral health and the teething process, it may be time to connect with a pediatric dental team that can help. We are well-versed on the teething process as it applies to infants and toddlers, and can educate parents on how to ease their child’s discomfort during these trying times. Call (212) 879-6518 to request a visit at our New York, NY facility today and get started finding out more about this amazing process!

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