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At Park View Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics in NYC, we are pleased to offer a cutting-edge dental resin infiltration system called Icon. Icon resin infiltration can be used for two purposes, both restorative and cosmetic. This technology essentially fills the gap between preventative care, such as dental cleanings (prophylaxis), and invasive treatments for dental restoration, such as cavity fillings.

As the premier pediatric dental practice in New York City’s Upper East Side, we’ve built our solid reputation not only on our skills but also our dedication to offering dental care with a little extra care. Learn more about Resin Infiltration (Icon) below or request an appointment online. You can also give us a call at 212.879.6518 , and our staff will help you set up a White Spot Removal consultation with one of our talented physicians. Serving the Upper East side, Central Park area, 5th avenue, and all nearby areas.

What is Icon Dental?

Icon Dental is a cutting-edge no drill dental resin infiltration system. Using Icon, our pediatric dentists are able to treat both early-stage cavities (caries), without the need for cavity drilling, as well as treat undesirable white spots on teeth.

What are the benefits of Icon dental resin infiltration?

Icon offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Pain-free
  • Involves no drilling
  • Performed in-office
  • Prevents dental cavities at an early stage
  • Preserves healthy tooth structure
  • Gentle therapy for difficult-to-reach proximal cavities (caries located in between teeth)
  • No unnecessary loss of healthy hard tissue or invasive drilling

How can Icon Resin Infiltration Treat Cavities?

When tooth enamel is attacked by cariogenic acids, teeth become porous. With resin infiltration, teeth can be sealed so that acids can no longer penetrate the surface. This effectively stops the progression of dental cavities at an early stage. As a result, the healthy tooth structure is preserved, without the need for drilling.

Can Icon Dental Resin Infiltration help remove white spots on teeth?

White spots on teeth are quite common, particularly for patients who undergo orthodontic treatment. When discoloration appears, resin infiltration with Icon can be an effective treatment for removing white spots on teeth. Dental resin infiltration is a gentle method for counteracting white spots, which works by filling in the spots where the tooth has become porous and discolored with the existing, healthy enamel of the tooth. This innovative method is often used in the treatment of front teeth, where aesthetic appearance is particularly important.

What is Involved in Icon Dental Resin Treatment?

This restorative dental treatment is performed in just a few minutes. To begin, we'll perform a gentle cleaning. We'll then isolate the tooth or teeth that are the focus of this process. Isolating the teeth with a dental dam keeps the area dry, which is imperative to a successful procedure. After cleaning and isolating, the dentist will then apply a mild etching solution to the area. This removes any damaged material as well as blemishes, and it prepares the tooth for optimal bonding with the resin solution. Once the teeth are completely dry, the dentist applies the Icon-Infiltrant solution. The resin fills in the areas of enamel that have become porous. The resin is cured (hardened) using a special light.

This Sounds like Dental Bonding. How is the Icon Resin Infiltration Process Different?

Icon Resin Infiltration is somewhat like dental bonding. Both procedures are intended to cover certain imperfections. Icon resin is specifically designed for the correction of white spots, whereas dental bonding can be performed on other flaws, like small chips in teeth. The name of this treatment also suggests a difference; Icon resin infiltration. This indicates that the resin material actually infiltrates the spots. Icon infiltrate is a highly fluid resin material. It's thinner than the resin that's used in dental bonding. This is what allows the resin to seep into porous enamel and seal off the pores. In addition to changing light refraction and making the white spots disappear, the resin strengthens the enamel that's been weakened by demineralization and demineralization.

How Long Do the Effects of Icon Dental Resin Treatment Last?

Studies indicate that Icon resin infiltration can achieve results that last at least two years. Many patients report results that have endured for more than five years without further treatment.

Can White Spots be Treated with Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a common, popular procedure that's performed to reduce yellowing and stains on teeth. The way that teeth whitening works is by permeating the pores of enamel, which could suggest that this technique may reduce white spots. It doesn't. In fact, teeth whitening could make white spots look more prominent! This is because the white spots just get whiter when the bleaching gel breaks up particles that are diminishing light refraction. If you have white spots, these require specific treatment before teeth whitening can be done. Historically, white spots have been treated with dental bonding or veneers. These techniques can work but, now that we have a more conservative approach using Icon resin infiltration, they aren't necessary.

Can Teeth Whitening be Done After the Icon Treatment?

If teeth are generally dull and discolored, teeth whitening is an ideal solution. And we can schedule this treatment to take place after white spots have been treated with Icon resin infiltration. To ensure the best results with the fewest potential side effects, we'll likely schedule teeth whitening for a subsequent visit a few weeks after the Icon treatment is performed. This combined treatment approach can be a great way for a child to boost their post-braces smile!

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Dr. Rima is one of the very few providers in the area to offer ICON. To learn more about Icon, the no drill dental resin infiltration system, effective treatment for early caries, and removal of white spots on teeth, call our office at 212.879.6518  or request an appointment to speak with one of our dental providers at Park View Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics by filling out the form on this page.

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