Emergency Pediatric Dental Information in NYC

This page outlines some of the common dental emergencies and medical concerns and how to deal with them at home. For greater emergencies, contact our board-certified NYC pediatric dentists, who are equipped with the skills and technology to treat any pediatric tooth condition. Click on a condition below to view emergency information, or book an appointment today.

Begin by cleaning around the sore tooth meticulously. Using warm salt water, rinse the mouth to displace any food trapped between teeth. Under no circumstances should you use aspirin on the aching tooth or on the gum. In the event of facial swelling, apply a cold compress to the area. Make an appointment to see one of our dentists as soon as possible.

Ice can be applied to any bruised areas. For bleeding, apply firm (but gentle) pressure with sterile gauze or a clean cloth. If the bleeding does not stop with pressure or continues after 15 minutes, go to an emergency room.

Rinse the area with warm water. Put a cold compress over the facial area of the injury. If possible, recover any broken tooth fragments. Seek immediate care from a dentist or at the emergency room.

If possible, recover the tooth, making sure to hold it by the crown (top) and not the root end. Rinse, but do not clean or handle the tooth more than necessary. If possible, reinsert the tooth in the socket and hold it in place using a clean piece of gauze or cloth. If the tooth cannot be reinserted, carry it in a cup containing milk or water and bring it with you to the dentist or the emergency room for immediate care.

In the event of a jaw injury, secure the mouth closed with a towel, tie or handkerchief. Seek immediate care at the emergency room.

Fold a piece of gauze and place it firmly over the bleeding area. Instruct your child to bite down on the gauze for 15 minutes. If bleeding persists, seek care from a dentist.

Over-the-counter medications will usually provide temporary relief. If sores persist, seek care from a dentist.

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