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Dr. Rima at Park View Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics is excited to now offer concierge dental care! Dr. Rima uses state-of-the-art technology to provide preventative care for your child in the comfort and safety of your home. Serving the Upper East Side, Central Park area, 5th avenue, & more.

Why Choose Concierge Dental Services?

As a practice devoted exclusively to children and children with special needs, Dr. Rima understands that a visit to the dentist can sometimes be daunting to your child. A house call can help eliminate that fear and create a healthy and exciting relationship with the dentist!

At-Home (On-Call) Dental Care services offered by Dr. Rima

During an at-home dental call, Dr. Rima will visit the foods, drinks, and vitamins your child is eating. Our goal is to build a foundation for patients to achieve healthy smiles that can last a lifetime. This foundation starts at home.

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Not only will Dr. Rima provide a total preventative care plan but, Dr. Rima will be able to complete a full exam and cleaning.

"Dr Rima and the staff at park view pediatric dentistry are truly amazing. They have helped make my son with special needs not be scared of going to dentist - he even enjoys it and talks about Dr Rima after each visit. The entire office is warm and welcoming . Wish I found them sooner ."

- Alyssa mosberg

"Dr. Rima and the entire staff at her practice are beyond patient and professional. My son is on the autism spectrum, he felt comfortable and underwent treatment at ease. Amazing team."

- maria pichardo

When should I schedule my child’s first dental appointment?

The first dental visit should coincide with the eruption of the child’s first tooth, usually before the first birthday. Like adults, the American Dental Association recommends that children see their dentist every six months to achieve optimal dental health. This may seem like overkill considering your child has but one or two teeth, but it’s important at this time to develop the patterns of care. Plus, if there is a problem, we can see it early and decide on the proper course of care.

How does a concierge dentist differ from a regular dentist?

As a practice devoted exclusively to children and children with special needs, Dr. Rima understands that a visit to the dentist can sometimes be daunting to your child. A house call can help eliminate that fear and create a healthy and exciting relationship with the dentist!

My child fears going to the dentist. How will at-home dentistry help with this?

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Often dental anxiety stems from the unusual smells and sounds of a dental office. Some children (and adults) have a reaction to the antiseptic smells, as they associate them with dental procedures. Others have a normal fear of the dental drill sounds they may hear from an adjacent area. Just being out of their element and in the necessarily sterile confines of a dental office can make a child uneasy.

They may also have heard from friends about bad experiences at the dentist. Or they may have seen or heard references in cartoons or other media.

By having Dr. Rima come to your home, none of these potential negatives are present. First, there aren’t any dental office smells; the child is used to the normal smells of your home. Second, there aren’t any drills to cope with. Third, the child is in his or her own environment, so they are dramatically more at ease. This makes the entire process easier for the child to deal with.

And then there’s Dr. Rima. As a board-certified pediatric dentist, she has the additional training and extensive experience of working with only children as patients. This gives her an entirely different approach than a general dentist who also accepts children.

Is Concierge Dentistry Just for Cleanings?

Concierge dentistry services are focused on bringing preventive and hygiene care to the comfort of your home for children aged one to four. If your child requires more comprehensive restorative treatments, we can discuss how we can meet their unique needs in the most comfortable manner, even if they need to come to the office. Keep in mind that our entire staff has considerable experience working with children who are frightened of the dentist as well as children with special needs. Our goal is to ensure your child enjoys optimal oral health, and we do so by curating the most pleasant experiences in the office and at your home when possible.

What Treatments Can My Child Receive During this Appointment?

During your child's initial visit focus is placed on diet, hygiene, and personal dental needs. An overall oral health assessment is performed during this home visit, and Dr. Rima will discuss diet (with nutritional counseling for cavity prevention), brushing techniques, developmental and anticipatory guidance on tooth eruption, and preventative measures curated based on your child’s needs. Additionally, she can perform cleanings, a comprehensive exam, fluoride treatments, and even the placement of sealants.

My Child has Special Needs, can Concierge Dentistry Help Them to Stay Calmer?

It is not uncommon for any child to harbor some anxiety about seeing the dentist. As much as we strive for a soothing, welcoming environment, the fact is that the dental office has bright lights and specific smells and sounds that could be off-putting to younger patients. These traits of the dental office could be extraordinarily stressful for a child with special needs. While we can take measures here, such as having a child sit on a parent's lap or wearing headphones to listen to their favorite music, there's truly no place like home. Having your dentist come to your home to provide preventive services allows your child to remain in the environment that feels the safest for them. They may even be able to sit in their own, most comfortable chair to have their dental exam, and, most importantly, they will have a trusted caregiver very nearby. These aspects of concierge pediatric dentistry can be extremely soothing, helping your special needs child remain calmer and more comfortable.

Can all My Children See the Dentist in One Concierge Dentistry Visit?

One of the benefits of concierge pediatric dentistry is that children tend to feel more comfortable having their dentist invited into their homes. Another, though, is the convenience that this service provides! Our concierge families enjoy the benefit of being able to schedule one session in which all of the children in the family can receive exams and cleanings. 

It is especially helpful for parents of special needs children. Being able to keep them in their own home makes dental cleaning less stressful for both the child and parent. 

For more information regarding scheduling, contact our office at 212.879.6518 .

How Can Concierge Dentistry Visits Help My Child to Feel Comfortable and Confident Enough to Go into the Dentist's Office for Their Treatments?

A large part of the anxiety that children have about seeing the dentist is that they are entering an unfamiliar environment and seeing unfamiliar people. Inviting your dentist to your home for exams and education allows your child to get to know this important member of their healthcare team in a familiar setting. Your child should naturally feel more at ease with these visits. This ease can foster the formation of a trusting relationship between them and their dentist. When your child trusts that the dentist has their best interest at heart and that they will receive the same consistent care they've become accustomed to through home visits, they may be much more confident about visiting the office!

You can also help your child prepare for Dr. Rima’s visit by building a sense of excitement. You can tell them that they are going to have a special visitor very soon. Talk about Dr. Rima, and explain why she is so excited to meet them. This will create a more relaxed atmosphere on the day of their visit. Over time, your child may look forward to their visits with Dr. Rima, making dental visits something they want to do. 

Will my child miss out on necessary aspects of treatment by not going to the office?

Absolutely not. Dr. Rima provides the same level of care with our concierge at-home dental care as we do for our in-office patients. 

How should I prepare for an at-home dental appointment?

If your child is a first timer or otherwise still quite small, Dr. Rima can have the child in their car seat or possibly their highchair. She also has a special pop-up chair that is perfect for some patients. If your child is very young, be sure to have their favorite toy or plushie with them. This will help curb their fear of a new visitor. Since small children go through a period of anxiety when meeting strangers, having them remain for their first dental visits can make it easier to transition to the office. 

Dr. Rima will want to check out the foods, drinks, and vitamins your child is eating. From there, she can advise you on how to keep your child’s developing teeth as healthy as possible.

In addition, you should start implementing a nightly dental routine. Teach them the proper way to brush their teeth by making it fun. You can use props, like their favorite stuffed animal, to teach them how to brush their teeth. Let them choose a new toothbrush, so they look forward to brushing every night.

Schedule An At-Home Dental Visit Today!

An at-home dental visit can ease your child into a fun preventative dental routine. Not to mention, less traveling for the parents! Call 212.879.6518  now to learn more about Dr. Rima’s concierge dental service. Serving the Upper East Side, Central Park area, 5th avenue, & more.

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