How to Make Brushing Children’s Teeth Fun

Often, children are too busy playing to find brushing their teeth fun. However, if you are able to make dental care fun and exciting, they will start seeing it more as a game than a chore. To follow are some of the ways you can make brushing children’s teeth fun.

How to Make Brushing Children’s Teeth Fun

  • Play music: Children love music, so turn it up and start dancing. As you are dancing, place the toothbrush with toothpaste in your child’s mouth. You both may need to slow down, but you’ll still be dancing and they’ll love it.
  • Set a timer: Everything is a race, so make teeth brushing a marathon. Set a timer for two minutes, and tell your child that he or she has a challenge to brush their teeth for two whole minutes. Ask them if they can do it. When they say yes, start the timer and see them brush away.
  • Come up with an incentive: An incentive can be a great way for a child to develop positive dental habits. Give your child five more minutes of tablet time or a special treat after dinner if they brush their teeth morning and night. You may need to negotiate, but as long as they achieve the goal of brushing their teeth, that’s what matters.
  • Use special mouthwash: Some brands of mouthwash will leave a color on the teeth to guide children when they brush their teeth. If they can still see the color on their teeth after brushing, they didn’t do it well enough. Make it a game by saying that they have to try to get all of the color off their teeth in two minutes.
  • Brush teeth together: Your children just want to be with you, even if that means brushing teeth. Ask your children to join you in the bathroom with their toothbrushes and toothpaste. They will enjoy the time spent together so much that they may not even realize they are taking good care of their teeth.


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