Why Flossing Is Important For Children

Park View Pediatric Dentistry Upper East SideIt may seem like children don’t need to have great oral hygiene when they are still toddlers. After all, their baby teeth are just going to fall out, but don’t wait for your children to have their permanent teeth to begin teaching them to take care of their oral health. Start good habits now for a lifetime of oral health.

Dentists recommend that you start regularly brushing your children’s teeth as soon as their first teeth emerge. Once two neighboring teeth break through the gums, start flossing your children’s teeth as well.

There are several reasons why it’s important for you to teach your children to floss and for you to floss for them until they are able.

3 Reasons Why Children Need To Floss

  • Habits are formed young: Even if you are flossing for your child (which most parents do until a child is six or seven years old) that practice becomes ritualized. That means that your child recognizes that flossing is a part of the daily routine. Establishing this ritual early on makes it more likely that your children will continue to floss independently throughout their lives out of habit.
  • Children have plaque: Just like adults, children’s teeth can be plagued by plaque. A naturally forming biofilm, plaque is made up of bacteria that clings to the teeth. The longer bacteria rests on the teeth, the harder the plaque becomes and the more damage it can do to the teeth over time. Flossing regularly breaks up plaque before it hardens.
  • Gum protection: Even though your children’s baby teeth fall out, their gums remain intact. To protect your children’s gums from disease and infection, your children’s teeth must be flossed often because the bacteria on the teeth can also affect gum health.

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