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What Is Restorative Dentistry For Kids?

Your child’s smile lights the room, especially when it is as healthy as it can be. As a parent, you want to make sure that your child’s teeth are well taken care of. However, accidents can happen when you least expect them, leaving you to seek out restorative dentistry for your child.

What is Restorative Dentistry for Kids?

Restorative dentistry for kids involves the diagnosis, repair, and ongoing treatment of dental accidents and oral care. The primary focus of restorative dentistry is to restore normal function of baby teeth until their adult teeth come in.

Why Would Kids Need Restorative Dental Care?

In addition to accidents and injuries to their teeth, some children are prone to cavities and dental decay. Even with an excellent at-home oral regimen, they may still develop cavities that cause extensive damage to their teeth. Other children may have developmental issues with their teeth and require restorative dentistry to correct them.

Types of Restorative Dental Care for Kids

The type of restorative dental care depends on the dental issue. Some of the most common treatments include:

  • Fillings: Fillings are used to fill in small cavities that have not affected the root.
  • Dental crowns: Teeth that are chipped or cracked due to injury can be restored using dental crowns. Most types of pediatric crowns are made of tooth-colored composite.
  • Spacers: If baby teeth fall out too early, a spacer can be placed to keep the other teeth on proper alignment.

Prevention is Best

For children who have suffered dental trauma, restorative dentistry can help restore their smile and their self-confidence. In addition, teaching children proper oral hygiene from a young age can help ward off cavities and prevent decay from spreading to other teeth.

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