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Why does my child have white spots on their teeth?

At Park View Pediatric Dentistry, we field a lot of questions from parents who have concerns about their child’s smile. One question we are often approached with is concern regarding white spots on the teeth. Our New York, NY area dental team can educate parents on the cause of white spots and what to do about them.

What are some of the causes of white spots on a child’s teeth?

There are many potential causes of white spots on teeth. In some specific cases, it may be due to:

  • Poor oral hygiene. If plaque and tartar are not removed regularly, they can cause the enamel to break down and lead to white spots.
  • Medical conditions. Other times, white spots may be the result of certain medications or medical conditions.
  • Too much fluoride. Although fluoride is important for dental health, too much of it can lead to white spots on teeth.
  • Hypoplasia. Hypoplasia in dentistry is an enamel defect that can cause areas of absent or thin enamel. This leaves the teeth with a higher risk of developing tooth decay as the tooth is more susceptible to sugars and acids known for causing cavities.
  • Trauma to the smile. Teeth that have been injured may develop white spots or other types of discoloration that may be highly noticeable.

How can I get rid of the developed white spots on my child’s teeth?

The best way to get rid of white spots is to consult with our experienced dental team at Park View Pediatric Dentistry in New York, NY. We will thoroughly examine your child’s mouth and determine the best course of treatment. We work with you to help determine the cause of the white spots and discuss treatment options that are best suited for your child and their needs.

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If you have a child with unique dental concerns, it is important to speak to a professional to ensure the smile is healthy. Call Park View Pediatric Dentistry at 212-879-6518 to request an appointment with our team and find out more about the development and treatment of white spots on the teeth.

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