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Wisdom teeth and your child

The third molars, also referred to as the “wisdom teeth,” are the last of the teeth to erupt through the gumline to complete the adult smile. These molars are positioned far in the corners of the mouth. Because of the way we have evolved with time, the wisdom teeth are no longer necessary—and in many cases, patients don’t have the room for these molars to erupt, either. This increases the risk of impaction, where the tooth rotates and can’t come through. This impaction often causes patients to notice pain and discomfort, and it can result in a visit to the dentist to be told that extraction is the only solution to resolve the issue.

Why remove the wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth already have a bad reputation for becoming problematic for many patients. In many, there is not enough room for the teeth to come into the mouth, causing impaction. For others, the result may be wisdom teeth that have developed in the mouth, but overcrowd the teeth and causes misalignment. In some situations, the wisdom teeth that do erupt are so far back in the mouth that they are difficult to brush and floss, leaving patients at a much higher risk of developing gum disease or tooth decay. Removal is often the option of choice for many of our patients.

What type of removal do I need?

There are two extraction methods including simple extraction and surgical extractions. If a wisdom tooth has already become visible in the mouth, simple extraction can be performed to remove the tooth from the socket in a matter of minutes with the right extraction tools and instruments. Alternatively, a wisdom tooth that is impacted will require the dentist to cut into the gums to get to the tooth and remove it manually, which is a more invasive procedure that requires some extra recovery time.

Are you worried that your child may need their wisdom teeth removed?

Connect with an experienced team of professional to determine the need for wisdom tooth removal. At Park View Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, we can help parents make educated decisions regarding their child’s dental and oral health. Call the office at (212) 879-6518 to request a consultation visit with our team at 800A Fifth Avenue, Suite #303 in New York. Our dentists are open to meeting and evaluating children or young adults for wisdom tooth removal/extraction.

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