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Ways to improve your child’s oral health through food

Children need to enjoy a healthy, nutritional diet to power their bodies and fuel their energy. However, your child’s diet can also impact their smile. Keeping teeth free from decay and periodontal disease can be done with the help of good nutrition. At Park View Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, our professionals can assist with educating parents on ways to improve their child’s oral health through food. 

What is the link between a child’s oral health and the food they eat? 

Experts continue to agree that children require food from all the major food groups to grow up healthy and strong. An overage of certain types of foods, including sugary, carb-loaded food, can contribute to tooth decay, especially if children are not properly brushing and flossing after meals and snacks. Children may also be missing certain vitamins and minerals that are beneficial nutrients to one’s oral health. 

What are some tips for improving my child’s dental health through improved nutrition? 

The dentists at Park View Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics encourage parents to consider the following recommendations regarding diet and nutrition for children: 

  • Offer healthy snacks. Instead of cookies and candies, consider the natural sugars found in fruits and provide these as healthier alternatives. Also keep washed and cut vegetables ready for snacking in the fridge.
  • Consider dairy products for snacks. Certain dairy products, including cheese, can stimulate saliva flow to wash away food particles in the mouth before flossing.
  • Avoid chewy, sticky foods. Candies such as taffy can be incredibly difficult to remove from the teeth. Other healthier foods that tend to be sticky include granola bars, raisins, and honey.
  • Buy foods that are unsweetened or sugar-free. Many parents are unaware of how many sugars are added to many of a child’s favorite foods.
  • Avoid juices and sodas for beverages. Instead of these beverages, even milk, which are often high in sugar, consider giving your child water with meals and snacks.

Educate yourself further on the advantages of a proper diet for your child and his or her oral health 

At Park View Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, our dentists work routinely with parents who are working to ensure their children have proper oral health and wellness, and regularly educate individuals regarding this area of concern. If you are a parent located in the area of New York, NY who wants what is best for your child or children, call our office today at (212) 879-6518 to discuss your needs. Our dental team is conveniently located at 800A Fifth Avenue, Suite #303.

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