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How Concierge Dental Medicine Can Help My Child

house-call dentistConcierge dental medicine provides a more convenient way for parents to ensure that their children receive regular, high-quality dental care. Dentists who offer concierge services focus on meeting the needs of each patient while offering compassionate care. Find out more about concierge dental medicine to see if it might be suitable for your child.

Can Dentists Do Home Visits?

Some dentists who offer concierge services offer home visits, but not all are able to do this. While home visits provide greater convenience for parents, keep in mind that more complex pediatric dental procedures should be done at a state-of-the-art facility.

What Is Dental Concierge?

Dental concierge refers to dental care that is patient-centered rather than profit-centered. Dentists offer concierge services to ensure that every patient receives the exact care they need. These dentists typically offer appointments outside of regular business hours to make it easier for patients to schedule visits after work or school.

Corporate Vs. Concierge Dentistry

Corporate dentistry places more of an emphasis on profit, which can result in lower quality care or more expensive treatments that might not be the best option for patients. Concierge dentists focus on determining the best course of treatment for dental problems regardless of cost.

Is Concierge Worth It?

Concierge dentistry can be worth it, especially if your child is anxious about going to the dentist. Pediatric dentists who offer concierge services know how to help children feel more comfortable during appointments. In some cases, these dentists are able to do home visits, so that children can receive dental care in familiar surroundings.

How Does Concierge Dental Medicine Help a Child?

Concierge dental medicine helps ensure that children receive high-quality care that is focused on their needs rather than making a profit. Some of the services that are available include sedation dentistry, which helps children feel more at ease during dental visits.

What Are the Benefits of Concierge Dental Medicine?

Concierge dental medicine provides a more personalized approach to dental care that can help your children maintain healthy teeth and gums throughout childhood. With flexible appointment times, these services also make it easier for you to set up routine exams and other care to reduce the risk of dental problems.

What Are the Disadvantages of Concierge Dental Medicine?

Concierge dental medicine might have higher costs in some cases, depending on the types of dental services your child needs. Keep in mind that these costs vary widely, though.

Will My Insurance Cover Concierge Dental Medicine?

Your insurance might cover concierge dental medicine. It’s best to check your dental insurance plan to see if these services are included in your coverage.

If you need more information on concierge dentistry, please contact Park View Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics.

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