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7 Ways To Make Brushing Teeth Fun For Your Child!

7 Ways To Make Brushing Teeth Fun For Your Child!

How do I make brushing teeth fun for my child? Getting children excited about dental hygiene shouldn’t be a chore. Dental health should be a priority for people of any age, but for young children, it’s especially important. Setting a good foundation for dental health for your children and sustaining this habit can carry over to when they’re older. As with anything else, the more fun you can make it, the more likely they’re going to brush their teeth. Read below 7 ways to make brushing teeth fun for your child:

1. Play games

Turn brushing into a game by making up a story that turns your child and their toothbrush into a superhero. They can battle evil tooth or cavity monsters by using their toothbrush-shaped light saber to destroy them. (Just make sure your child doesn’t overdo it by brushing too vigorously!)

2. Use a fun reward system

Let your child choose a sticker to place on a reward chart every time they brush their teeth and let them trade it in for an inexpensive treat when the chart is filled up. Choosing a bedtime story can also make a good incentive.

3. Let them practice on others

Let your child practice by brushing your teeth – although you’ll have to follow up with your own brushing later. It can also be fun for a child to practice using a dry toothbrush on their favorite doll or stuffed animal as they explain to them what they’re doing and why brushing is important.

4. Use music and dancing

Play a song your child loves and that lasts for close to two minutes to help time their brushing and to make it more fun. Join your child in a happy dance as the music plays. You can also make up a tooth-brushing song or change the lyrics of a favorite song or TV show theme to talk about tooth brushing.

5. Use a fun, but good, toothpaste and toothbrush

It’s easy to find a fluoride toothpaste that comes in a tube with images of a character your child likes, such as Elmo or Spider-Man. You can also let your child try fun flavors like berry, watermelon, or bubblegum. Selecting a character-themed toothbrush or one that comes with stickers to help decorate it can also make brushing more fun.

6. Download an app

Download a kid-friendly app like BrushDJ, which plays two minutes of music to help your child time how long they need to brush. Or try the Star Teeth app, which lets kids select a character to provide encouragement as they brush.

7. Buy or borrow books or DVDs

Books or DVDs can help reinforce what you’ve told your child about tooth brushing in a fun, relatable way. The public library is a good source of books or DVDs, or you can buy a few of your child’s favorites.

To find out more ways to make tooth brushing fun for your child and to start the habit of receiving regular dental checkups, make an appointment today with Park View Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics in NYC. We combine technical skill with gentle dental care and a compassionate manner, and our colorful, activity-filled office is one that children will look forward to visiting.

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