What’s Involved in Braces for Children?

children with bracesChildren can be understandably anxious if they’re told they need braces, but the results will be well worth it, and today’s orthodontic options are more comfortable than ever. In this blog, the dentists and orthodontists at Park View Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics in NYC explain what’s involved with braces for kids.

When is it recommended for a child to get braces?

Orthodontic braces can help people of any age, they’re often most beneficial for pre-teens or teenagers. At this age, they’re still experiencing growth. However, an orthodontic appointment at an earlier age can be very helpful in identifying any potential issues as soon as possible and devising a plan to correct them.

What conditions warrant braces?

Teeth and jaw problems can interfere with your child’s oral health, as well as his or her ability to speak and chew. In addition, these issues can negatively affect self-esteem and confidence.

Braces for kids can be used to correct tooth and jaw issues including the following:

  • Tooth alignment problems: Teeth can be crooked and overlap, have gaps, meet in an irregular way, or protrude.
  • Jaw problems: The top and the bottom jaws may be different and can sometimes cause pain. This problem can cause overcrowding or issues such as an open bite or crossbite.

What’s involved with braces for kids?

Pediatric orthodontist Dr. David Zarabi will conduct a visual examination of your child’s teeth and will use digital X-rays or a state-of-the-art digital dental scanner. These scans are conveniently conducted in our office, giving him additional information to help make an accurate diagnosis and plan the most effective form of treatment.

If your child needs orthodontic braces, Dr. Zarabi will discuss the options with you, including whether Invisalign or traditional braces would best suit your child’s needs.

Once the decision is made, an appointment will be scheduled to either apply the brackets and wires for traditional braces or to properly fit your child for his or her Invisalign aligners.

You and your child will receive instructions on how to properly care for the type of orthodontic treatment that he or she has received. For example, a child who has traditional braces will need to know what foods to avoid. A child with Invisalign will need to know how long they should be worn every day.

In both cases, a plan for follow-up care and adjustments will be made.

Why should you choose Park View for your child’s braces?

Park View Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics has been helping make children’s smiles brighter and straighter since 1986. Our staff and doctors are dedicated to providing gentle dental care, combining experience and the latest cutting-edge technologies with a compassionate, child-friendly atmosphere. Our office is colorful and filled with activities to help make your child feel comfortable and includes soothing views of Central Park.

We’ll help put you and your child at ease and answer any questions you may have about your child’s orthodontic treatment options.

To learn more about braces for kids, call our office at (212) 879-6518 or request an appointment by filling out a form online. Call (212) 879-6518 today or fill out the form on this page to request an appointment.

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