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Kids' Dental Ceramic Fillings in NYC

restorative pediatric dental care dental fillings and crowns in NYC

When cavities occur and the less-invasive treatment option of resin infiltration is not a suitable alternative, the experienced pediatric dentists at Park View Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics in NYC will turn to dental fillings, including ceramic fillings, in order to restore affected teeth. Based on a patient’s unique needs, the appropriate type of filling will be determined. For children who are unable to cope with the delivery of dental care, who have a high level of dental anxiety, or who have special needs, we offer various sedation dentistry options for completing a composite resin filling procedure. Our practice has been helping to make children’s smiles brighter for over 25 years, with an emphasis on providing comprehensive dental care with a little extra care.

Learn more about ceramic fillings below, or request an appointment online.

What are ceramic fillings?

Ceramic fillings (also known as non-plastic fillings or BPA-free fillings) are a new type of filling that is 100% free of plastic and free of BPA. Park View Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics offers Admira Fusion ceramic fillings from Voco, which are formed by silicon oxide. Admira Fusion fillings work the same as other fillings in that they restore tooth decay and prevent further decay.

When should ceramic (BPA free) fillings be used?

Admira Fusion ceramic fillings are often used in small to mid-size restorations, as they provide strength, durability, and resistance to fracture. Like with traditional composite fillings, the shade of ceramic fillings will closely match the patient’s actual teeth, so that other people will not be aware that dental work has been done.

Advantages of Admira Fusion ceramic fillings include:

  • 100% plastic free
  • 100% BPA free
  • High color stability
  • Translucency and opacity which allow fillings to blend in with the affected tooth’s structure and surrounding teeth
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No mercury or toxic metal exposure

What does getting ceramic fillings involve?

Ceramic dental fillings are performed in-office. Before the procedure, a child will receive local anesthesia in order to numb the affected tooth and area around the tooth. We offer single tooth anesthesia technology, which provides a number of advantages for our pediatric patients. Once completely numbed, our pediatric dentists will use a drill to remove decay from the affected tooth and prepare it for filling. Then, the ceramic filling will be introduced. The final step involves polishing the tooth and then applying a dental sealant in order to protect it from future decay.

If you need to schedule a visit for your child or want to learn more about our dental filling options for cavities, including BPA-free ceramic fillings, call our office at (212) 879-6518 or request an appointment at Park View Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics by filling out the form on this page.

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