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Latest Technology

Single Tooth Anesthesia (STA)

We at Park View Pediatric Dentistry are always looking for the most advancedSingle Tooth Anesthesia | Digital X-rays | Manhattan | New York City (NYC)
technology that will help all of our patients have a positive dental experience. Thus, we offer Single Tooth Anesthesia (STA). STA is the first computer-controlled local dental anesthetic system. It’s visually friendly compared to the traditional dental syringe; hence, there is no need for a dental injection! The anesthetic effects are limited to the tooth, not the lip or face, therefore eliminating worries of your child biting their lip.

Introducing OraVerse

At Park View Pediatric Dentistry, we want your child to have the most comfortableSingle Tooth Anesthesia | Digital X-rays | Manhattan | New York City (NYC) experience possible, not only during, but after leaving the office. Thus, we offer OraVerse, the first product on the market to rapidly reverse the effects of local dental anesthetic. When OraVerse is used, normal sensation and function returns in about half the time. This is especially beneficial in children, as prolonged numbness to the lip or tongue can result in injury due to accidental biting of the lip and/or tongue.

Please ask your pediatric dentist if OraVerse is right for your child. For more information visit their website

Introducing StemSave

Valuable stem cells in a loved one’s tooth can be collected and preserved. The National Insitute of Health recently discovered a powerful class of adult stem cells in teeth. StemSave is the result of a collaborative effort between top stem cell researchers and the dental health community. StemSave provides families with the opportunity to collect and preserve the valuable stem cells that are contained within the baby teeth, wisdom teeth and permanent teeth.

For more information visit their website

Introducing Digital X-rays

Single Tooth Anesthesia | Digital X-rays | Manhattan | New York City (NYC)At Park View Pediatric Dentistry, we use digital imaging to process dental X-rays. Our digital X-ray system requires less radiation than conventional X-rays. This reduces radiation to your child by 90%. The digital images are made using an image receptor that is placed in your child’s mouth to capture the X-ray image. Digital X-rays are environmentally friendly. They eliminate the need for film and processing chemicals that generate biohazardous waste. Have questions? Don’t hesitate to ask our staff!

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